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yellow leaf tree between calm body of water at daytime

Let Awareness Happen

Mindfulness practice is about ‘being aware’. However, when we investigate it ‘being aware’ is both simpler and less simple than we might imagine. Understanding the nature and mechanics of awareness is one of the best tools in developing our practice… Read more

green plants on soil

Experience Farming

As meditators we don’t need to place great emphasis on the changing weather of the mind, sometimes it is delightful, sometimes it is less so, but showing up again and again we learn to trust the process, no matter the weather.… Read more

water dew on green plant

Just This!

Often when we start meditating we think that during meditation there are some experiences we should be having and others that we should not be having… Read more

silhouette of cat sitting on roof under tree

Reframing experience

In our mindfulness practice, when we pay attention to our minds we see that we are constantly framing, interpreting and judging our experiences, events and other people in a certain light.

sliced onion

Peeling the onion

When I’m not doing this, I run a little web agency, and it struck me recently as I was redoing my own website that you typically have to go through the process of breaking existing systems before you can rebuild them into something better.

black and white fur textile

This moment

I have been working with a thought in my recent practice which I’ve found very helpful. It isn’t an original … Read more

snow covered trees during daytime

That mind-body thing

I’m just in the process of recovering from what appears to be a nasty virus. To the best of my … Read more