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I have been working with a thought in my recent practice which I’ve found very helpful. It isn’t an original thought – but it is simply to be with this moment and allow whatever is to be.

The focus can be pulled on this one from several different directions – from a simple point of view to prevent oneself from fidgeting on the cushion to something deeper around curbing our tendency to search for something or want something to happen in our practice.

Loch Kelly, another powerful influence in my meditative life, uses the phrase “what does this moment look like when there is no problem to solve?”. It’s a different angle on the same thing, but ultimately the same.

Just let that land for a few seconds. “What if in this moment, there were no problem to solve?” What does that feel like for you. Again, not looking for an answer or a solution to this question, but can you just explore this idea experientially in your direct experience right now.

If we feel there is something lacking, right now, in this very moment? Then ask, from the point of view of what is already here right now, what does ‘lacking’ even mean?

What if this right here, this very moment, was already absolute fullness, totally complete, nothing to be added, nothing to be taken away – it simply is, far beyond any judgements that we might add?