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sliced onion

Peeling the onion

When I’m not doing this, I run a little web agency, and it struck me recently as I was redoing my own website that you typically have to go through the process of breaking existing systems before you can rebuild them into something better.

black and white fur textile

This moment

I have been working with a thought in my recent practice which I’ve found very helpful. It isn’t an original thought – but it is simply to be with this moment and allow whatever is to be. The focus can be pulled on this one from several different directions – from a simple point of … Read more

snow covered trees during daytime

That mind-body thing

I’m just in the process of recovering from what appears to be a nasty virus. To the best of my knowledge I haven’t had Covid, but all the symptoms of whatever-this-is seem very much like Long Covid – tiredness, insomnia, aches and pains, terrible brain fog, etc. I’m someone who suffers from occasional depressive episodes. … Read more